IES, is based on the understanding that "information technology" is one our nation's greatest sources of power. We offer solutions to synchronize this source of power to strategically align enterprise services and solutions by leveraging our highly skilled and innovative workforce. We align commercial capabilities and IES’s comprehensive expertise with partnering companies. We are specialized professional technologists in products and services focused on State of the art, high end IT and Media industry.
Customer Value Proposition
Identify an important problem that to be resolved and customer is poorly satisfied Devise and Develop an offering that does the job better than alternatives at the lowest appropriate price.
Key Resources
We deliver the value to the customer through our Unique People, Systematic ERP, Direct Principal Association, Facilities, Technical, Products.
Key Process
We ensure that the business can repeatedly and predictably deliver the CVP and fulfil the customer’s requirement in proper balance way, includes: design the solution, sourcing, training.
technology REDEFINED

Caters to your every need in the domain of ICT, Turnkey projects are offered in IT, Television production and Broadcast set-ups,
EdTech, Power Back-up Solutions, Home and commercial Automation, Services and System Operations.
VDI Computing
Empowering Seamless Workflows, CAD, 2ds, 3ds, Rendered Farm, Reliable & Secure
Managed Service Provider
We deliver the peace of mind managed service with three optimized plan
TV & Film
Broadcast, Television & Production, MCR, PCR and Cable Headend, Color Grading Setup & Training…
High Performance Storage
Intelligent Storage for All of Your Unstructured & Structured Data (DASE)
Brand Association
IES has worked intensively on the list of its Brand Association and has managed to maintain a very stable and a healthy
consortium with the panel. The panel consists of well-known and renowned names from around the globe that manufacture.

Customer Value Life Time Solutions

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